Why Buy With Us

  • We facilitate a buying consultation to understand your needs and criteria so as not to waste your time looking at houses that don’t fit.
  • We can provide a list of mortgage lenders who can get your qualified for a loan with competitive rates and terms.
  • We provide you automated property searches that email you the moment they come on the market.
  • We offer an IPhone & IPad application to our clients that allow them to search for properties while on the go.
  • We provide comparable properties sold in the area to give you an idea as to the true value of a potential property.
  • Write all offers to meet your needs and protects your interests, while seeking the best price and terms.
  • We will coordinate and attend home inspections you need for your home. We can also coordinate repairs with our contractors
  • We provide you with a financial checklist so you can see line by line what a home purchase would cost you.
  • We’ll unlock as many doors and show you as many homes as it takes until you find your dream home!